Support and Empower Local Game Stores

Let’s Play Games believes that Local Game Stores are a vital part of the tabletop games industry. Local Game Stores give a home to gaming communities, they introduce new players into the hobbies and they’re the primary sales channel for tabletop gaming products. Publishers, distributors, the tabletop gaming community, and even other retailers of tabletop gaming products all directly benefit from the work of Local Game Stores.

The Let’s Play Games business has been built with the primary purpose of supplying Local Game Stores. Let’s Play Games product mix and business systems have been deliberately crafted to supply Local Game Stores. Let’s Play Games cannot succeed without Local Game Stores succeeding. The majority of Local Game Stores are owner operated and have lower purchasing power than large online retailers and mass market channels and, as such, they commonly receive worse pricing from distributors around the world.

The Let’s Play Partner program is an acknowledgement of the importance of Local Game Stores to Let’s Play Games. Local Game Stores that choose to partner with Let’s Play Games receive our top discount on our entire range of products, in addition to a raft of other benefits. The Partner program is Let’s Play Game’s way of supporting Local Game Stores to be as profitable and sustainable as possible.


To be eligible for the Let's Play Partner Program, your store must meet the following requirements:

1. Be A Brick and Mortar Store with Organised Play Programs

2. Nominate LPG as Your Preferred Distributor in Key Programs


Once approved as a Let's Play Partner, your store will gain access to the following benefits:

Special Pricing on LPG's Entire Range of Products

Priority Access to Special Offers

Current Special Offers for Let's Play Partners

Premier Card Grading

Let's Play Games have partnered with Premier Card Grading to provide an opportunity for stores to offer grading as a service to their community and customers. Let's Play Partner stores will be provided with a discount based on the number of cards being submitted to PCG, as long as they remain a Let's Play Partner.

For more information, including terms and conditions, visit our PCG for LPP page.



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