Acquisition Announcement

Let’s Play Games (LPG) has acquired the New Zealand tabletop games distributor, Pixelpark, and has assumed ownership and operational control of all Pixelpark operations. With the acquisition of Pixelpark, LPG now has a distribution centre in both Australia and New Zealand, allowing the business to offer New Zealand retailers the same service levels that Australian stores already enjoy.

“New Zealand is a growth market for LPG. Purchasing locally in New Zealand, stores historically were only able to access a smaller variety of products compared to Australia. Many New Zealand stores purchase from Australian distributors, but whether supplied by air or by sea, the lead time and customs challenges are significant for an individual retailer to handle. LPG is now able to offer the same level of service locally in New Zealand that it offers in Australia. Our belief is that this will allow New Zealand retailers to be more profitable and sustainable.”

Scott Hunstad - Owner and Director of LPG

Operational Changes

As a result of the acquisition, New Zealand retailers will see a number of operational changes. LPG will now have two websites, and New Zealand retailers will purchase from and Australian retailers will purchase from All current New Zealand LPG retailers will have their accounts migrated across to the New Zealand website, and will no longer be able to make purchases on the Australian website.

New Zealand retailers will still have access to the vast range of SKU's that LPG currently has on offer. However, certain products that LPG stock are exclusive to Australia, while others are exclusive to New Zealand. This exclusivity will be reflected across both websites.

New Zealand retailers will now purchase from LPG in NZD and won't have to worry about VAT or customs charges on their shipments. LPG will continue to air freight stock from Australia, alongside fulfilling stock locally in New Zealand from the Pixelpark warehouse.

“The acquisition of Pixelpark will allow LPG to deliver more value to both retailers and our vendors and will ultimately be a net positive for the tabletop games market as a whole in New Zealand. I look forward to working closely with Tim to leverage the synergies between Pixelpark and Let’s Play Games”.

Nicholas Rappo - General Manager of LPG

“It’s the right time for Pixelpark to become part of a larger business. LPG is an excellent fit for Pixelpark, both operationally and culturally. I’m excited to see the growth that will occur in the New Zealand tabletop games market as a result of LPG supplying stores locally in country.”

Tim Tripp - Prior Owner and Director of Pixelpark

Nicholas Rappo will be handling the set up and expansion of the New Zealand business unit. Tim Tripp will be staying on in the role of consultant to assist LPG with getting local New Zealand operation set up in the right way.

If you have any further questions regarding this acquisition, please contact your account manager.